Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hydrive Energy Drinks

This is my favorite energy drink. I mean, just look at that lady in the picture. She's just bursting with energy without all those "annoying" peaks and crashes. Anyways, a week or so ago, my boyfriend and I walked to the corner store for cigarettes and drinks. Looking in the energy drink fridge, I noticed a small bottle. It looked neat so I bought it. I haven't had an energy drink for quite a while but, a year ago I was a fiend for these liquid speed drinks.
Hydrive is different. It doesn't have that medicine-y, disgustingly sweet taste. It's like flavored water. And it comes in four flavors. I'm going to have to send the creators something special. Maybe I'll draw a picture of me with lightning bolts coming out of my hands, an empty glowing Hydrive bottle floating in the air above me. Good shite.

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Aoife said...

Thanks for your kind comments on Hydrive! We have a new website up www.HydriveEnergy.com and a bunch of cool clothes for sale and even some contests. Send us a picture of you and your friends drinking Hydrive and we can post it on the website. Look for a new Hydrive drink in stores Mid July!