Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I forgot how much I hate math classes.

So, tonight, I made myself go to school to take a math test. I got a 70. SO... I have to retake it. The lady there told me that if I had only gotten one more right on my placement test that I took last fall, I'd be in the next class up. They didn't tell me this LAST fall, of course. My boyfriend also pointed out that when in life, are you going to be faced with the following situation (which I have made up to make it sound more dramatic):

She walked home alone that night, through the downpour of rain. She had, of course, not brought an umbrella. The streets were abandoned, the city strangely silent, except for the rain hitting the black pavement. She cursed under her breath that her car had no windshield wipers. That meant she had to walk the five blocks back to her apartment. A sudden sound in an alleyway startled her. Looking over quickly, she saw a shape, possibly a cat?, scurry away from a dumpster. Quickening her pace, she continued, looking back every once in a while. She had the strange feeling she was being followed. Almost to her place of living, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She staggered, frightened, turning around. Her eyes widened, seeing a bizarre figure before her. She was locked in place, wanting to run, but her curious nature kept her there. The figure was that of a blue skinned humanoid creature with sharp teeth like daggers.
"I will let you live if you answer me this one question," it snarled.
Her mouth gaped open, her voice seemed to be lost. Trying again, she asked quietly, "What... are you..?"
The being laughed. "That matters not, mortal. You have one chance to live. Answer me this: what is 67,093 divided by 13 to the sixth power minus 625?"
She struggled to remember the numbers, the difficult question. "I'm not that good with math... mind if I grab a calculator? We're at my flat, afterall," she replied, boldly.
The creature smiled an uneven sharp grin, "No. You are not permitted access to a calculation device. Answer now. Quickly. While I still have my patience about me."
She stared, her eyes wide with fright, "Can I hear that question agai--"
The blue hued visitor's grin grew larger, "Too late," it said. Leaping forward, it's fangs punctured deep wounds into her neck. The world grew smaller and darker to her green eyes. Darker, darker.... blackness and silence.

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