Thursday, May 24, 2007

My new story!

End of Days, Part 1

Marie slumbered peacefully on a Monday morning, blissfully unaware soon her alarm clock would be shrieking the very next minute.
Surely enough, the very next minute, the alarm clock shattered the silence, ushering Marie into another irritating work week. She sighed, hitting the off button. To Marie, this was a perfectly ordinary day. Little did she know, today was her final ordinary day.
Marie went about getting dressed, making her breakfast, and having a strong cup of coffee with her usual cigarette. She fed her lone companion, her cat, before jetting out the front door of her apartment, already fifteen minutes late. The office she worked at was only a few blocks away, so she began running, still half awake. Mornings were not her best time. As she neared the office, she slowed to a walk, trying to catch her breath, on this crisp winter day.
Just then, she ran right into a homeless man bearing a sign about the impending end of days. She apologized, and offered him twenty dollars to get a warm meal. She started walking again, and suddenly turned about when she heard the man thank her. She glanced at him, noticing his mismatched eyes. One was a crisp blue, the other being the color of amber. "It's true, you know," he said with a hacking cough. Marie looked at him, puzzled, "What is?"
The old man laughed hoarsely, "Today is the last day." He said this quite frankly. Marie stared at him for a moment before running up the stairs to her job.
Marie spent the rest of the morning and afternoon at her desk. She had lunch with her fellow co-workers, filed, labeled, and typed up reports. She left shortly after five o'clock, stopping to pick up a quick dinner to throw in her microwave, and renting a movie to doze off to later in the evening. She arrived home, pet her feline companion, had dinner, watched a movie, and fell asleep in her comfy bed. As she feel asleep, she pondered her encounter with the homeless man. She dismissed it, and went off to dreamland.
Marie woke the next morning, cursing under her breath. She hadn't set her alarm clock! As she rubbed the sleep from her grey eyes, she noticed the room was extremely... white. She closed her eyes. She blinked, opening them again. There was nothing. Nothing around her, except her cat, who looked just as confused as her. "This has to be a dream," she mumbled, she stood up, scooping her kitty up into her arms. She started walking, only she seemed to get nowhere. She began to sprint briskly, her growing panic edging in. "Well," she said, pausing, "at least I still have you, my pretty kitty."
"Yes, yes, you do."
Marie looked around, "Hello? Is anyone out there?"
No one seemed to be around, after all there was quite literally nothing. Nothing except Marie and... her cat?! Marie's eyes grew wide, as she almost dropped her feline friend. "Hey," the cat hissed. "Watch it!"
"Oh my god," Marie managed. "I'm nowhere in nothing with a talking cat."
Figuring this just HAD to be a dream, she continued on into the blinding sea of white.

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